Taking care of aging loved ones is hard.  With Aloe Care, it doesn't have to be.

Aloe Care is the future of in-home elder care for both professional caregivers and families caring for loved ones . 

Organize, Monitor and Track all aspects of care.

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Find out how Aloe Care can help you take care of your aging loved one

Should I check-in with Mom to see if she's ok?

There's never enough time in the day!

Did Mom take her pills today?

Why isn't Dad answering the phone?

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Lisa M, Daughter & Caregiver

             My mom Susan lives 3 hours away, and I used to struggle to balance my life while taking care of her. Now with the Aloe Care, I can check in on her, organize her meds and take care of her remotely.  It saves me time and reduces the stress and guilt I feel. Now we can focus on enjoying our precious time together.

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